Choosing to Improve Your Car

Here Are Answers About Replacing Auto Glass

by Colleen Taylor

If you have damage to your window, you should take it in see about having it repaired or about having the windshield replaced. If you have never run into this type of thing before, then you might have some questions. The good news is plenty of other people have also found themselves with questions, so you can find some great answers here.

Can't you just watch a video and replace the windshield yourself?

No, you can absolutely not replace the windshield yourself if you just asked this question. While there are people who do take on the task of replacing a broken windshield themselves, these are likely people with a lot of experience working on cars, and they have learned how to safely replace them somewhere along the lines. There are so many reasons why you should not replace yours on your own. You can put it in improperly and create danger for many people. You can even get hurt during the process.

Won't you be without your car for a long time?

Replacing a windshield may seem like the car would have to sit for a long time for everything to cure, so it would be able to withstand high winds. However, the fact is that your car doesn't need to sit for very long after a new windshield has been put in. In fact, you should be able to drive off in your car about an hour after the glass has been replaced. However, you will be given a set of instructions to follow with regard to how to drive right after having the windshield replaced. Another thing you'll be glad to know is that you should be able to wait at the shop, since it normally takes less than 2 hours to put the windshield in, so bring a good book and don't worry about needing to find a ride.

Small cracks mean you just need it repaired, right?

Small cracks can usually be repaired, but you don't want to count on this. There are sometimes when the safest thing to do is to just replace the whole thing. One of the reasons can be due to the location. If a crack is in an area that's already considered to be a weaker point, then the best bet may be auto glass replacement. Also, if there is a crack that you think is small, you might find that professionals don't agree.