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What You Need To Know About Windshield Replacement

by Colleen Taylor

While there are situations where it's apparent that you need to replace your windshield as soon as possible, sometimes it's not always obvious. Even a small chip or crack in your line of sight can mean that windshield replacement is necessary. At the end of the day, if your windshield has any damage, you will need to seek out the services of a repair shop for either replacement or repairs. If a windshield replacement is in order, here are three things to know beforehand. 

Your Insurance May Cover The Replacement

Before your windshield replacement is underway, it's good to call your auto insurer. Many auto insurance policies will cover windshield replacement, but you won't know if your policy does unless you call your insurer or check your policy. Comprehensive auto insurance policies will usually cover windshield replacement most of the time. If another driver is at-fault for the damage to your windshield, the replacement may also be covered by insurance. Calling your auto insurance is the best way to determine whether you should file a claim for your windshield.

The Cost Varies Depending On Your Vehicle

If you pay out of pocket for your windshield replacement, how much you pay will depend on a few factors. The type of vehicle you have and whether you go with an aftermarket or OEM windshield can impact your replacement costs. Depending on your vehicle, windshield replacement can cost as little as $200 to upwards of $1,200. High-end vehicles and windshields that have special features will cost more to replace. Before you schedule your windshield replacement, you can call the auto glass shop for an estimate. 

It Can Be Convenient

Windshield replacement doesn't have to take a long time. Today's windshield replacement services are faster and more convenient than ever. Mobile windshield repairs and replacements are also available. An auto glass professional can install a new windshield while you are at home or the office. Even if you take your vehicle to an auto glass shop, your car will be back on the road within a few hours. Just make sure you follow your auto glass installer's instructions once the windshield replacement is complete. 

If you need windshield replacement keep in mind that your auto insurance may cover your new windshield, so make sure to call your insurer before heading to the auto glass shop. Also, remember that replacement costs vary depending on your vehicle. Lastly, don't forget that windshield replacements should not take forever and that there are convenient options.